You’ve come to the right place!

I’m excited to announce our new ‘Phone Tax’ service for income tax returns.

This new service lets you do your taxes over the phone. It is the fastest and most convenient way of getting your tax done.

Here’s a table comparing ‘Phone Tax’ to face-to-face tax lodgement and online lodgement.

Tax return lodgement options

Phone Tax is convenient like online tax lodgement, but the key difference is that communication with your tax agent happens in real-time.

With online tax lodgement, you complete the form at your convenience, and then the tax agent checks it at their convenience, and sends through any additional questions – which you check at your convenience.

You see what’s happening there? It’s convenient, but it’s not fast, which means your tax refund can be delayed by several days, or even weeks.

Of course, I think there is still a place for consultations in person, as some people just like to have that face time.

To book an appointment for your income tax to be done over the phone, use the form below. Or click here to book an appointment in person.