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Individual tax return

$121.00 30 minutes

Book an appointment to do your 2019/2020 tax return, or your tax return from previous financial years.

This year, we have gone 100% digital, and appointments will take place via video call, phone call or email.

If you are an existing customer, we can speed up your lodgement by prefilling your tax deductions with information from last year- just let us know any changes for this year, and we’ll update the form accordingly. Make sure to choose this option in the form on the following screen.


Many Australians overpay when filing their income tax returns without even realising it. You may be due a tax refund if you’ve been taxed incorrectly, or if you worked overseas or only worked part of the year.

The average tax refund in Australia is approximately $2,600. This amount is dependent upon a range of factors like the duration of work, the amount earned, the amount of tax paid, and any tax deductions you’re eligible for.

Tax regulations are complex and change every year. The expert tax agents at Colby Business Services can help you lodge your tax return correctly and identify all of the relevant tax deductions that you’re entitled to, which in turn will maximise your tax refund and ensure the money lands in your account as quickly as possible.